Bethamy Linton

A 4th generation West Australian silversmith, my interest in metal smithing began as a child during hours spent in the family workshops. This experience and legacy is expressed through a deep respect for handcrafts and a love of working with metals, which I believe is evident in my work. I started formally working with my father at 16 as a trainee silversmith, later completed a fine jewellery apprenticeship and also spent time in the workshops of accomplished silversmiths David Cruikshank and Hendrik Forster in NSW and Vic.
My interest and studies in art and design have directed my practice, which now encompasses exhibition, commission and production work. My work is represented in public collections including the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, the Art Gallery of South Australian and the Australian Design Museum.
My recent work stems from an observance of the natural landscape of the Darling Scarp where I live. Through this work I seek to record or preserve an observation or sensation and explore notions of experience, memory and connection. Entwined in these ideas is also a concern for the fragility of natural environment. I imagine the work as time capsule, a point in time, a part of a continuum that spans backward (and forward) hundreds of years. Through it, through the repetition of craft and the common motif, (my family’s work for generations has incorporated West Australian wildflowers) I feel an almost visceral connection to my forebears.