Deborah Zibah

Upcoming Solo–Exhibition
16 February — 5 March 2023

A distinctive, highly abstract style emerged in my painting process in 2020. I utilised elements of collage, bold, gestural shapes, scraped vistas of colour, expressive scribbles of graphite and wax crayons. The richness and depth of the many layers of the surfaces are created by many mark making tools in the formation of my work. The large scale nature of my paintings is one of the hall marks of a ZIBAH artwork.

I exhibit regularly in prestigious galleries in Perth, Mandurah and throughout the South West, and am represented by Yallingup Galleries, Margaret River, Gallows Gallery, Perth and Check-Mate Gallery, Bunbury.

Much to my amazement, I discovered that my artmaking is a journey of self discovery – the shapes, marks and colour choices revealing the deepest emotions of my soul as I paint, unconsciously, from those places. This has been a wonderful learning process, enabling me to better understand my personal feelings and acknowledge those joyful experiences and where positive changes need to be made.

The patterns and elements of nature, her colours, movement, sounds, vibrations, spaces, and textures, fascinate my senses. The unspeakable joy, deep love and peace of God whisper through my soul and breathe life onto the canvas. His voice always encouraging me to go into further expression.

Currently, I’m working towards a new body of work, abstraction in the landscape, utilising all the newly developed techniques and style.