Jackie Masters

Inspired by the vibrant colours and textures of the Australian landscape, particularly the bushland and ocean, Jackie developed a unique style of ceramics. Her signature style features volcanic lava glaze, which she expertly applies to create a textured surface that mimics the rugged terrain of the Australian landscape.

Jackie is known for her colourful and vibrant creations that capture the essence of the natural world. She draws on her surroundings for inspiration, incorporating elements of the bushland and ocean into her work. Her ceramics are not only visually striking, but also have a tactile quality that invites the viewer to touch and explore.

Over the years, Jackie has participated in numerous exhibitions and her work has been featured in several publications. She has won several awards for her innovative approach to ceramics, and her work can be found in private collections both locally and internationally.

Today, she continues to work from her studio in Perth, where she creates stunning ceramics that capture the beauty and essence of the Australian landscape. Her work continues to evolve, as she experiments with new techniques and materials, but her love for ceramics and the natural world remains at the heart of her art.