Jackie Masters

Clay, it has endless possibilities, it demands time and it needs nurturing.  It brings joy, offers happiness and enhances creativity.  It is quite hard to put into words exactly what it means to me, it is simply who I am.

My own personal adventure with clay has been filled with research, glaze experimentation and development of form.  I love the throwing process and I spend an insurmountable number of hours trimming them, carving away excess clay, creating detailed feet on which they will sit and placing grooves and lines to capture glaze to add interest.

There are so many processes involved in making the final pieces and I am always humbled by people who admire and want to own my pots.  People tell me that they can’t walk past my pots without picking them up, they bring joy to their lives and to hear this makes my spirits fly, confirming to me that I am in the right place, creating the right things.

The series I am currently pursuing is an effort to capture “The colours of Australia”, which has seen my hours of glaze testing unfold into an incredible palette of colour and texture.  The inset picture, from a recent kiln opening,  speaks louder than words.