Jill Yelland

The geology of Western Australia, its colours, textures, forms and patterns, created by nature, over millennium, form the concepts for my kiln-formed glass. Inspired by Outback landscapes, mine sites, cracked earth, rock formations and their mineralization, are a constant source of changing and challenging inspiration for my work.
The kaleidoscope of colours across the landscape, such as created by evaporation of water, during the drying of salt, or the cracking of the Earth’s crust, displaying layers of rock and minerals in stratas, create an endless source of ideas.
My’Cracked Earth’series comprises, the dried cracked earth of the Pilbara, Rare Earth, Magma, Erosion, Salt Pans and Sedimentary, explore our natural surroundings and how we relate to them.
My family were pastoralists and prospectors and my childhood spent travelling the state, has impressed itself into my creative soul. The harshness, colours, clarity of light and forms of our natural surroundings, are the essence of my work.