Ken Knight

Ken Knight is one of Australia’s most distinctive and well-loved landscapes artists, depciting iconic Australian scenes of the Pilbara, the Kimberleys, Bondi Beach, and the Swan River. In addition to Australian scenes, Ken also paints works depicting Venice, and most recently, Antarctica. Ken is committed to painting “en plein air”, and often spend months travelling various locations to paint.

Ken likes to use the large and expansive body of work in his studio when preparing for an exhibition. He finds that time allows him to be objective. His fine tuning of the plein air paintings in the studio is fundamentally important. Ken’s obsessive desire to get the paintings right and his exacting standards of what is acceptable (to him at least) saw him burn more than 300 paintings over the last five years.

He has recently been working on a dynamic series of multi panel gum tree paintings …some as large as 150 x 180 cm and these have all been done on location.

He says that he often requires a stepladder so that he can reach the top of the paintings on his French easel. He likes painting the works individually and aligns them back in the studio to create a “dance” so that in their correct sequence they have a rhythm with a sense of serendipity.

For those who embrace and respond to the Australian landscape and unique light of this great land, Ken is an artist not to be missed.