Len Zuks

Ridiculous is king!  Most of my artworks have an element of quirk.  Through exaggeration and bending reality, my artworks are able to access the “entertainment response files” in a viewer’s mind.  They move people.  For me, as the artisan, the satisfaction of arranging discarded steel to evoke a living response is fantastic.  My canvas expression is not pinned to any one style or direction.  I follow the ever changing desires of my heart, inspiration and hands.  This exhibition captures familial circumstances in country Western Australia.  Recently my paintings have morphed into a viscous, riotous orchestra of colour and texture.- Len Zuks 2018

Len has won numerous art awards in sculpture and painting throughout Australia over many years.  Also winning the people’s choice award for Sculpture by the Sea in 2009.
Len has judged art competitions over several years and is currently a judge on the UWA Second Life virtual sculpture competition.