Linda Skrolys & Russell Sheridan

15th August – 1st September

“Linda was born in Merredin in 1955 . She completed studies in Visual Arts and Art Education at Edith Cowan University.  Linda’s father had to leave Lithuania during the years of the Soviet expansion and met his wife-to-be in the turmoil of the German tragedy. Linda is representative of many first generation Australians whose parents escaped Europe after WW11 , finding themselves growing up in an environment without relatives and icons that linked their identity to a particular place and time.  Linda’s paintings are psychological explorations of the coming to terms with the narratives of parents isolated from their European heritage. She presents a universal issue of identity and home coming through an assemblage of family narratives.” Dr Geoff Lummis

Russell is a graduate of Claremont School of Art.  A larger than life character himself, Sheridan memorably mythologises the Australian larrikin. Using local anti-heroes like Moondyne Joe, John Boyle O’Reilly and Lasseter he whimsically explores society’s outsiders and law breakers in mediums as varied as bronzes, chain-saw shaping, ceramics and mixed media. His work is innovative and provocative and warmed with humanity and humour.

Russell has established himself as an icon in the Southwest during the 1990’s where his public art has shaped the culture and the visual character of Bunbury and the region.”  His work is in numerous prominent collections including the Art Gallery of WA.