Nellie Crawford

21st September — 9th October 2022

Nellie Crawford is an acclaimed contemporary still life artist, recognized for her distinctive and finely executed oil paintings.
Nellie grew up on a small farm in the south west of WA.  After moving to Perth to study, she graduated from university in 1978 and taught in schools and technical colleges throughout Australia and on Christmas Island.  In 1998, after many years of painting on a part time basis, and studying with recognized Australian artists, she gave up teaching to paint full time.
With the subtle use of colour and a deep respect for the technical skills of drawing and painting, Nellie creates paintings evoking a sense of tranquility and balance.  The simple and timeless things that she sees every day fascinate her…the colour and texture of fruit, the shine on an enamel jug, the patina of well-worn utensils, table tops and window ledges catching the morning or afternoon light.
In her paintings Nellie captures the feeling of quiet contemplation.
Nellie has exhibits locally in here in Australia, and also in France, England and Singapore.