Paul Lucas

Inspired by the vivid Australian landscape and artists of the Romantic Movement, such as Turner and Constable, Lucas devoted himself to nurturing and realizing his talent for rich and dramatic depictions of local landmarks. His unique vision and subtle interpretations have won many admirers.

Lucas’ current muse is the ocean, particularly the areas surrounding the Abrolhos Islands, a ‘subject’ he became fascinated with after working for many years on Cray boats.  His love of and respect for the ocean is evident in his work and his latest canvases capture in spectacular detail and colour the ephemeral moods and subtleties of the water and horizon, combining superb detail with an extraordinary use of colour and light. Lucas has a gift for truthfully observing environments whilst elevating mundane details; in his vision the utilitarian becomes sublime.

Paul Lucas has exhibted in South Africa, Rhodesia, Canberra, Alice-Springs and throughout WA. He now resides in Perth, WA with his wife and their three adult sons and families.