Robert Dickerson

Retrospective Solo-Exhibition at Gallows Gallery:

Robert Dickerson Aspects of Law

23rd September — 10th October 2021

Robert Dickerson AO, with his definitive angular style, is one of Australia’s most recognised figurative artists. He was a member of the 1959 Antipodeans group—which also included Arthur Boyd and Clifton Pugh—and is represented in all major state and regional galleries. A self-taught painter, Dickerson was inspired by people and scenes of everyday life, his work is often described as melancholy, with isolated figures, menacing dark streetscapes and anguished facial expressions characterising his painting.

‘Aspects of Law’ represents a body of Dickerson’s work that looked closely at the inner-workings and characters of the legal profession. Dickerson loved the theatre of the courts and would often slip into courts rooms to watch the performance of barristers. He likened it to watching a stage show, full of stars and supporting actors.

This exhibition will be the final time that a complete series of Dickerson legal works, including major paintings, preliminary drawings and final lithographs, will be made available at once to the market.