Russell Sheridan & Linda Skrolys

12th – 29th August 2021

Creativity and originality exude from this husband-and-wife artistic duo. Russell Sheridan and Linda Skrolys have been exhibiting at Gallows Gallery for many years, bringing something new and exciting to each exhibition…2021 is no exception.

While Sheridan, a sculptor, and Skrolys, a painter, use different materials, both bring an ethereal, mythological and other-worldly quality to their work. Linda’s paintings are psychological explorations of themes relating to isolation from one’s culture and heritage. She presents a universal issue of identity and home-coming through an assemblage of family narratives and motifs. Drawing upon a host of local Australian anti-heroes like Moondyne Joe, John Boyle O’Reilly and Lasseter, Sheridan whimsically explores society’s outsiders and law breakers in mediums as varied as bronzes, chain-saw shaping, ceramics and mixed media. His work is innovative and provocative and warmed with humanity and humour.

Together, Linda and Russel’s work is a joy to see and experience…