Tony Jones

This West Australian artist has been honoured by receiving an Order of Australia in today’s Queen’s Birthday Honours list.
Antony David Jones’ artwork inspires West Australians and tourists every day, yet few people know the man.

Tony‘s 1999 sculpture of C.Y. O’Connor mounted on his horse at C.Y. O’Connor Beach, North Coogee, was widely acclaimed in 2007 as ‘Perth’s Best Bit of Public Art’, by ABC Radio listeners. His recent 2007 work ‘Eliza’ in the Swan River at Crawley created to capture the physicality and joyousness of Western Australians has rapidly become the most photographed work of art in Perth and the subject of endless conversations. The migrant figure in front of E Shed Markets with suitcase under his arm being cautiously greeted by a dingo is almost as well known and loved. These are only a few of the forty or so works of art in the public realm, which show us who we are and tell West Australian’s stories with eloquence and elegance.