Margaret Heenan & Tracey Harvey

17th September – 11th October 2020

Aqua Moon is an exhibition combining the work of Glass Maker Margaret Heenan whose work is inspired by the Moon and Tracey Harvey’s paintings which are a reflection on the environmental damage to our Ocean floor.

Margaret Heenan’s objects of glass are inspired by the Moon. Reflecting on the shape of the moon in many different ways to creating retro styled panels of glass. Margaret’s favourite sayings about the moon is a quote from Russian physician Anton Chekhov:

‘Don’t tell me the moon is shining, show me the glint of light on broken glass’.

Tracey Harvey presents a series of paintings that explore the juxtaposition of the toxic nature of microplastics and plastic waste in our ocean with the natural playground that the ocean is to us all here in Western Australia. In particular Tracey has referenced the ever popular Rotto Swim as an example of how our community uses and enjoys the ocean.