Tracey Harvey

Solo Exhibition at Gallows Gallery

Bella Donna

3rd — 13th March 2022

Tracey Harvey grew up in Narrogin, Western Australia. She is known for her vibrant paintings, which involve a complexity of built up layers, strong colour, and texture. She has exhibited internationally since 2008, is the recipient of several awards, and her paintings are held in numerous private collections in Australia, Singapore, Italy, France, UK and USA.

“My great source of inspiration is the wide and colourful Australian landscape, as well as the small details of texture, shape and colour that exist around us, but are rarely noticed. As a qualified physiotherapist I have always had a passion for the intersection of art, science and health, as well as exploring the world through travel, photography and meeting a diversity of people. I don’t believe in painting just for art’s sake or my own, I am an artist with a social conscience. My works draw on my aim to raise awareness of the frailty of the human condition.” — Tracey Harvey