Winter Exhibition Program 2024

This years Winter Program will be running from 26th June to 7th July 2024 –  featuring artists Suzanne Lawson & Kirsten Shenton Smith collaboration THE SPACE WE SHARE. 

The Space we Share’ is an exhibition of works by fine art oil painter Suzanne Lawson and contemporary ballpoint pen artist Kirsten Shenton-Smith, two West Australian artists who, despite their distinct styles, share a profound connection through their love for portraiture/figurative and still life works.  This exhibition not only represents their individual works side by side but also showcases a unique collaborative piece, “You and Me” where each artist paints and draws the others, symbolising their shared artistic space.
Space, in its various forms, plays a pivotal role in the artists’ practice and in the art world at large.  It is not just the physical space of a canvas that provides perspective, proportion and scale to their artworks, but also the creative space within their minds and studios.  This space is essential for artists to create, collaborate and exhibit their work, as well as to engage in meaningful dialogues with their audience.
Through ‘The Space we Share’, Suzanne and Kirsten invite the viewer to reflect on the importance of space in the art world.  They encourage us to consider how providing space for artists of all mediums and styles to flourish is vital for the continued growth and diversity of art.  This exhibition is not just about the physical space of the gallery, but also the space we create within ourselves to appreciate, contemplate and celebrate art.  It is a reminder of the shared space we all inhabit in the world of art.