Andrew Baines 'Consideration of Contemplation'

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  • Location: Perth, Australia

Gallows Gallery and Meeting for Minds are proud to support the auction of

'Consideration of Contemplation' by Andrew Baines, one of Australia's premier contemporary artists.


 Andrew Baines has generously donated this painting to Meeting for Minds, a charity which promotes a refreshing and inclusive approach to research into the neuroscience of mental health. Fittingly, 'Consideration of Contemplation' draws the viewer into this peaceful beach scene, where a sense of calm contemplation prevails.

Painting is Acrylic on Canvas, and measures 65.5 x 120 cm.


The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Senior Principal Research Fellow and Professor of Psychiatry, Ian Hickie, has supported the event with this statement:

Right now, in the middle of the global pandemic, we all need to take time and focus on the fortunate circumstances in which we in Australia find ourselves. I can’t think of a more engaging vision of that, than sitting quietly but purposefully on an Australian beach, contemplating the horizon – keeping everything (including our own place in it all) in perspective. This art installation speaks directly to that most important, and mentally healthy, perspective.




The painting will be auctioned online starting on Thursday 4th March, and closing on Sunday 7th March, at 5pm.

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All auction proceeds will go towards supporting the continuing mental health research of Meeting For Minds.

Find out more at: Meeting for Minds



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